Refund policy

14 days to change your mind

We think it is especially important that everyone is satisfied with their purchase. If you change your mind, you can return the items within 14 days. You will then receive your money back. The skin care products including original packaging must be unused. Unfortunately, we cannot take back used products for hygienic reasons.

If you want to return a product, send an email to We will send you a return link via our sender (PostNL) with which you can create a return label. The next steps are very simple and self-explanatory.

As soon as we have received the return shipment in good order, we will refund the purchase amount within 5 working days via the payment method with which you paid the order. € 5.00 is charged for a return shipment within the Netherlands.

For a return shipment outside the Netherlands, the shipping costs depend on the country from which it is shipped.

Our details: DAY 1, returns department, IJburglaan 343, 1086 ZJ Amsterdam,


It is not possible to exchange a selected item for another item. You can return the product. As soon as we receive it, we will refund the purchase amount within 5 working days.

You can purchase the replacement product yourself in our webshop. This way you prevent a product from being sold out and you will have the desired product back home the fastest.