DAY 1 Hallo

Hi, we are DAY 1. 

A natural and vegan skin care brand that makes your skin happy. 

And you too.

For example, we have a shampoo soapbar that kisses your hair awake and a detox soap that resets the clock and a scrub soap that gives your body a mini vacation. 

But also a body soap that kisses you everywhere or a soap whose ethereal scent gives you a brain shower.

Just to name a few. 

That is of course because our soaps are packed with beauty from nature. 

With high quality botanical ingredients such as plant butters, oils, clay and flower essential oil.

Ee don't use rubbish such as synthetic fragrances, parabens, SL(E)S, palm oil, plastic or other junk.

DAY 1 works with small batches to guarantee freshness and each bar of soap is handmade in our workshop in Heemstede, The Netherlands.

When do you start?

Good things start on DAY 1